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Welcome to the official ELIM8 user community! ELIM8 is here to help build better experiences for your game community. Ask us how we can help you with that or tell us how we can improve our product here!

Welcome to ELIM8!

Welcome to ELIM8, where we are building better game community experiences for community and event organisers, competition participants and game fans!

Right now, ELIM8 allows your community to easily keep in touch with each other. Community organisers can post announcements and anyone can create discussion to talk about what's going on in the community. By joining communities, you can get all the latest updates right on the ELIM8 home page.

We understand that a message board, no matter how well done, is not enough to create a great community experience. That's why we'll be working hard to add features which will support the needs of both online and "live" games communities.

Our next step will be to allow community organisers to host their own community events on ELIM8 instead of having to rely on a third-party bracket generator. We've targeted the double elimination tournament format as the first one to tackle, as that's one of the most common formats in game competitions out there.

If you have any feedback as to what we can do to improve ELIM8, or think that we should totally focus on incorporating some other functionality into the website instead, please let us know in the discussions section!

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CS:GO (Singapore)
Welcome to ELIM8!